Meet Great Blue Hill

OUR VOLUNTEERS keep GBH engaged, financially stable and teeming with new ideas and fun projects to support safe boating. The Bridge and Executive Board provide overall leadership, with additional policy advise and oversight from standing committees. Many of our members volunteer for educational programs, events and on-the-water activities.

Bridge Officers, Executive Committee & Committees


Bridge Officers   
CommanderCdr Laurie A. Reilly,
Executive OfficerLt/C Joseph F. Frawley,
Administrative OfficerLt/C Bette O'Connor,
SecretaryLt/C Warner (Chip)
TreasurerLt/C James P. Andersen, Jr.,
Squadron Educational OfficerLt/C Donald S. Johnstone,
Executive Board   
Immediate Past CommanderP/C Carole Talley, AP
MemberP/C Robert L. Black, SNChair, 50th Anniversary Committee
MemberJeffrey L. Gardiner, APEditor, View from the
MemberGeorge Hagerty, S
MemberChristine A.G. Jackson, JN
MemberDonald R.W. Jackson, N
MemberP/C George J. Kyte, SNMembership Coordinator
MemberP/Lt/C Robert G. Lincoln, AP
Non-Voting MemberP/C Joseph R. Kelliher, APAsst.
Non-Voting MemberTBAAsst. Squadron Educational Officer
General Committees   
AuditingP/C George J. Kyte, SNChair
P/C Leo M. Boudreau, SN
AwardsP/C Robert L. Black, SNChair
P/C Leo M. Boudreau, SN
P/C Michael J. Hanlon, JN
Budget & FinanceLt/C James P. Andersen, Jr.,
P/C Peter L. Griswold, JNChair
P/C Leo M. Boudreau, SN
Lt/C Warner (Chip) Wayne
NominatingP/C Carole Talley, APChair
P/C Richard E. Duffy, P
P/C Craig J. Tyrie, AP
PlanningP/C Peter L. Griswold, JNChair
Lt/C Warner (Chip) Wayne
RulesP/C Peter L. Griswold, JNChair
P/C Leo M. Boudreau

LEGEND The letters before names are members’ Rank: Cdr (Commander), P/C (Past Commander), Lt/C (Lieutenant Commander), P/Lt/C (Past Lieutenant Commander) • Letters following names designate members’ Grade, that is, their level of educational advancement in USPS Core Courses: S (completed Seamanship), P (Coastal Navigation/Piloting), AP (Advanced Coastal Navigation/Advanced Piloting), JN (Offshore Navigation/Junior Navigation), N (Celestial Navigation/Navigation). SN is Senior Navigator, completed all core courses and at least six Electives.